Frequently Asked Questions

1. In a nutshell, what is Vahura?

Vahura is a search and consulting firm founded by lawyers and management professionals with the intent to service the legal and governance domains. Our services include:

  • Specialist recruitment for legal, compliance, company secretarial, tax, intellectual property, government affairs and regulatory roles (see Legal Recruitment)
  • The search and recruitment of specialist directors, such as independent directors, women directors, resident directors, nominee directors etc
  • Consulting services that include market intelligence studies, market entry strategies, compensation benchmarking, law practice management, structuring of partnerships and legal teams, and other strategic areas (see our Research & Consulting page for more)
  • Law practice valuation and related mergers and acquisitions
  • Mentorship services to law students, so that they are ready for professional recruitment (see Mentorship Programs)
  • Engaging with the legal and governance communities through Conclaves, Roundtables and social events (check out our social calendar here)

2. Is Vahura a jobsite or a placement agency? Or neither?

It is neither:

  • Vahura is NOT a jobsite – your resume or application is not directly viewable by an employer
  • Vahura is NOT a placement agency – we are mandated by our clients to recommend the right candidate. While we will discuss relevant jobs with a candidate and evaluate the fitment, our job is not to get the candidate a job
Vahura is a search and consulting firm, focussed on the legal and governance domains. During recruitment, our brief is to recommend the best candidates to our clients. Our recommendation is made from our own database, network and research.

3. What kind of fees do you charge?

  • We do NOT charge candidates any fee in the recruitment process
  • When we place a candidate successfully with a client organisation, we charge the client a percentage of the candidate's annual remuneration
  • We charge a fixed fee for director search, which is a combination of a retainer and a success fee
  • Our consulting fee is determined by the scope of the mandate
  • We engage directly with the law school for our Mentorship Programs. Please contact for more details
  • For more information on our fees, contact

4. What role does Vahura play after sending my résumé to a prospective employer?

Vahura plays a key role in the recruitment process for both our clients and candidates:

  • We conduct first-level interviews and evaluation of potential candidates on behalf of the client
  • We leverage our access and trust with the client to ensure that our recommended candidates get the full consideration of the client, and that the process is fast and decisive
  • We draw on our domain knowledge and expertise to inform both the client organization and the candidate on fair market compensation
  • We assist in the negotiation of the offer
  • Throughout the process, we are guided by the short- and long-term interests of both the client and the candidate

5. What happens after I fill in an online application?

If your profile matches one of our client's requirements, you can expect to hear from a specialist within our team. However, we encourage you to be proactive. Here are a few tips:

  • Do speak to or meet with our relevant consultant in your city; we have offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai
  • You could email us and we'll get back to you
  • After your first meeting with our team, do keep in touch via SMS or email for updates

6. Is it possible for me to meet a legal recruitment specialist from Vahura?

We would love to meet you. Simply send us an email or call the Vahura office of your choice to set up an appointment.

7. The legal grapevine is very pervasive. I don't want my employer to know that we are in touch.

At Vahura, we take confidentiality and discretion very seriously. Our consultants are trained to handle your candidature with the utmost discretion.

8. I know that Vahura has been engaged by my current employer. Can you still help me?

We have a no-poach policy with some of our client organisations and we take this policy very seriously. However, this policy allows for a professional to contact Vahura of his/her own volition, without any implicit or explicit solicitation on our part.

  • We would be able to help you if you contact us and indicate your interest by either
    • Applying for a job or leaving your details with us on this site or
    • Writing to one of our consultants saying that you would like to actively explore a move
In this scenario, you will be treated as any other candidate and we will ensure the utmost discretion and confidentiality.

9. What does Vahura expect from a person applying for a job?

We deal with clients and candidates with honesty and forthrightness. We expect the same from them. We insist on the following from candidates:

  • That we remain the single point of contact with respect to our clients
  • That you inform us if you're simultaneously looking at another opportunity with a non-client organization
  • That you inform us of your history with our client organization, including previous applications, interviews, employment etc
  • That you update us as soon as you receive or accept an offer.
Ideally, we'd love to stay in touch with you once you've settled into your new organization. We are interested in your journey, not just in a single milestone in your journey.

10.How long does the recruitment process typically take?

If you meet the requirements of an open position, the recruitment process with a law firm takes around three weeks.
With a corporation, the process takes between four and six weeks.

11.I'm a senior legal professional. I'm not comfortable uploading my résumé to the website. Is there a better way to reach out to you?

While we've taken great care to design a secure website, we appreciate your sensitivity in this matter. Please do get in touch with our team to set up a meeting. We also recommend meeting us in person so that we can take things forward.

12.I'm interested in considering international opportunities. Can Vahura help me?

Yes, Vahura can be of assistance. We work with many of the leading international law firms to fill overseas positions. Some of these opportunities mandate that you have some international exposure – be it in the form of work experience, bar qualifications or education. We also have alliances with recruiting partners in Europe and North America. We work seamlessly with these partners to bring you a range of international opportunities.

13. I am a law student. Can Vahura help me get a job?

Our clients seldom engage us for entry-level roles. It is very unlikely that we will be able to directly help you get a job. We can, however, help you increase your chances of being recruited by training you and information on how to prepare for the recruitment process. Write to for more details. Meanwhile, feel free to inform the relevant faculty of your law school about our Mentorship Programs.

14. We are a law school. How can Vahura help our students?

We conduct recruitment preparatory programs that will help your students improve their chances of finding employment:

  • These programs cover areas such as choosing a career path, resume writing, interview skills, converting internships into PPOs etc. We also help the students fine tune their resume and undergo a mock interview, so as to hone the skills imparted in the training programs
  • These programs can be conducted in person on your campus or be accessed through our online platform
  • We do NOT directly bring jobs or internships to campuses
  • Please ask for more details

15. We would like to appoint a specialist director. How can Vahura help us?

  • Vahura has an active panel of senior professionals that include CEOs, CFOs, ex-beauracrats, Lawyers, CHROs, Finance Professionals and sector experts
  • On understanding your particular requirements, we will present a short list of recommended directors
  • We also provide resident director services and provide consulting and training vis-à-vis board evaluation and effectiveness

16. I am a senior professional who would like to join your panel of directors.

  • To be considered for the panel, please send your resume and board experience details to
  • We will set up an in-person meeting with you and take things from there

17. We are a law firm. How can Vahura help us?

In many ways. We can:

  • Offer you market intelligence data and expert recommendations to aid strategic decisions such as growth strategies, market entry, practice expansion, compensation structuring, partnership structuring, business development etc
  • Structure your partnership or compensation
  • Value your practice
  • Prepare for and manage a potential merger or acquisition
  • Undertake client listening or reputation feedback exercises
  • Create and implement systems in HR, Business Development and Finance
Additionally, there are other ways in which we can assist you in practice management and business problem-solving.

18. We are a company. How can Vahura help us?

In many ways. We can:

  • Offer you market intelligence data and expert recommendations for strategic decisions such as compensation structuring, team structuring, budgeting etc
  • Structure your legal team and defining roles
  • Measure and communicate the value of your legal function
  • Minimize external legal spend
Additionally, there are other ways in which we can assist you in practice management and business problem-solving.